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  • WordPress and ActivityPub

    WordPress and ActivityPub

    I am very excited for everyone who uses Mastodon or any other ActivityPub technology, and for the many many users of WordPress. The fediverse just got a lot bigger!

  • Moved all blogs to Cloudways

    Moved all blogs to Cloudways

    I was getting tired of my WordPress blogs going down because the database stopping so I’ve moved all of them to Cloudways managed hosting. Hopefully that will sort things out.

  • WP_ALLOW_REPAIR to the rescue

    WP_ALLOW_REPAIR to the rescue

    Just had a big little scare when the blog/website you are on showed the dreaded “Error establishing database connection” error message. I’ve had this show up quite a few times and every time it meant that MySQL had gone down (I’ll go into why I think that happened further down). Luckily I was on my…

  • Hello Mastodon!

    Hello Mastodon!

    Posting on my own blog ( to Mastodon should now be working thanks to the WordPress ActivityPub plugin.

  • ActivityPub WordPress plugin

    ActivityPub WordPress plugin

    Trying out the ActivityPub WordPress plugin by Matthias Pfefferle which should post to Mastodon automatically using the ActivityPub protocol. Let’s see if it works! 🙂

  • Playing around with IPFS

    Playing around with IPFS

    IPFS is pretty cool, not just the name: InterPlanetary FileSystem. I’ve been running it on my laptop and have my current “captain” profile pic on it:

  • Moving to Digital Ocean

    This website is currently hosted with Greenhost in Amsterdam. I am very happy with their service, but since I have moved to South Africa and am earning Rand instead of Euro, I need to cut costs. So I’ll be moving to Digital Ocean, who offer a comparable VPS, with more storage, for about half the…

  • Website downtime

    Website downtime

    If you tried to visit this site in the last month or so, you saw the WordPress Error establishing a database connection screen, which is never a good thing. It took me a while to figure out, but a table in the DataBase of the website was corrupted. Luckily StackOverflow came to the rescue: mysql…

  • Building a Bootstrap based WordPress theme

    At the Brussels WordPress Meetup in November I gave a very short presentation on building a custom WordPress theme based on Bootstrap, using Roots. I think the slides are pretty self explanatory, it is mainly an overview of resources. Included in the presentation are some screen shots of my own website and the Prince Albert…