You are invited to send me encrypted mail using my PGP key, which can also be found on well connected key servers, with fingerprint 6FC8 4DA0 8920 932D 34DD CBCD 188E 3F10 8C69 3450.

I’ve put my public key to as per pgp.asc’ recommendation and in doing so got into the pgp.asc Hall of Fame (SSL certificate issue on

You can also get it from these key servers: Mailvelope Keyserver or SKS Keyservers or the SKS Keyservers pool or my Keybase profile.

If you want to learn how to use PGP, some good resources are this concise PGP Guide, the thorough tutorial on Riseup or the elaborate free Basic Internet Security e-book which covers PGP and much more.

If you want to use PGP on your Android phone, I use and am very happy with OpenKeychain

QR code for PGP key 6FC84DA08920932D34DDCBCD188E3F108C693450