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  • Exciting

    Link to enter raffle: https://contest-tron.ledger.com/124804/10124147 Exciting raffle/competition from Ledger and TRON

  • Luno invite code

    Get 25.00 Rand in free Bitcoin when you sign up, deposit, and buy 500 Rand worth of crypto (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, or Ethereum) when you use this code: 3R5N9 Luno is a South African Bitcoin exchange and wallet Everything you need to know about Bitcoin

  • The Bitcoin soap opera

    For those unaware of the politics behind Bitcoin as a protocol / software  (as opposed to as a currency, which gets a lot of attention every time the Bitcoin price soars), here are some links to get you started on Bitcoin blocksize debate, Bitcoin Core, SegWit (segregated witness), UASF (user activated soft fork), and AsicBoost:…

  • Accepting Bitcoin

    For future work I will be accepting Bitcoin payments. If you don’t know Bitcoin, be sure to check it out, I think it is awesome and will become as important as PayPal in the near future. http://www.bitcoin.org http://www.bitcoinme.com https://www.weusecoins.com/ edit: Unfortunatly youtipit.org doesn’t exist any more, it was a Bitcoin version of Flattr and where…