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  • WordPress and ActivityPub

    WordPress and ActivityPub

    I am very excited for everyone who uses Mastodon or any other ActivityPub technology, and for the many many users of WordPress. The fediverse just got a lot bigger!

  • Moved S/V Tropical Dawn post to their own blog

    Moved S/V Tropical Dawn post to their own blog

    I’ve moved all posts about our cruising adventures on board our fine small ship Tropical Dawn to its own blog: svtropicaldawn.blog. We (Kay and myself) will be posting all sailing, cruising and boat related posts on there from now on. https://svtropicaldawn.blog/

  • WP_ALLOW_REPAIR to the rescue

    WP_ALLOW_REPAIR to the rescue

    Just had a big little scare when the blog/website you are on showed the dreaded “Error establishing database connection” error message. I’ve had this show up quite a few times and every time it meant that MySQL had gone down (I’ll go into why I think that happened further down). Luckily I was on my…

  • Hello Mastodon!

    Hello Mastodon!

    Posting on my own blog (dhuyvetter.eu) to Mastodon should now be working thanks to the WordPress ActivityPub plugin.

  • ActivityPub WordPress plugin

    ActivityPub WordPress plugin

    Trying out the ActivityPub WordPress plugin by Matthias Pfefferle which should post to Mastodon automatically using the ActivityPub protocol. Let’s see if it works! 🙂

  • Building a Bootstrap based WordPress theme

    At the Brussels WordPress Meetup in November I gave a very short presentation on building a custom WordPress theme based on Bootstrap, using Roots. I think the slides are pretty self explanatory, it is mainly an overview of resources. Included in the presentation are some screen shots of my own website and the Prince Albert…

  • Responsive Web Design

    Searching for Responsive Web Design I found this great article on A List Apart: Responsive Web Design which dates from May 2010 which just shows how much ahead of the curve they are. In 2013 everyone is talking about and doing Responsive Web Design, Mashable a year ago talked about Why 2013 Is the Year…