I guess I’m a Bitcoin OG

I recently tried to figure out when I first heard of Bitcoin and when I bought my first BTC. Luckily I have been keeping this blog for quite a while and have this post from 2010 where I announced I would be accepting Bitcoin for any future work. I never did get paid in Bitcoin for any web development, but at least I know now that I’d heard about Bitcoin by that date.

So much has changed since then and a lot more people have heard about and bought Bitcoin, but we are still early days, like the internet in the nineties, where it was accessible to anyone who wanted to try it out, but not mainstream at all yet. So on the innovation adoption curve we are probably only at the early adopter stage, possibly getting towards the early majority.

Not sure how many people had heard of Bitcoin in 2010 but my guess would be it would be considered innovator stage although I think Bitcoin OG sounds much cooler. 😀






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