Kik about to launch Kin token cryptocurrency

The Kin token was mentioned in this article on Forbes as one of the new cryptos that uses Ethereum instead of Bitcoin, meant as an example of how Bitcoin is failing in attracting new use cases and losing momentum. I’m always quite skeptic when reading about new ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings, launching a new crypto currency). This one sounds a lot like what Gems tried to do (and failed IMHO), but since it will use Kik, which is very popular with the kids these days, it might succeed. Read about it here: Kin, A decentralized ecosystem of digital services for daily life.

On an interesting side note (at least interesting for me): in it’s whitepaper, Kin name drops Keybase (on p 20) as one of the third-party identity services, which may be integrated as part of the identity solution in the Kin ecosystem. I’ve been on Keybase for quite a while and love what they are doing, they keep adding new features. If you want to try it out, contact me for an invite






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