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  • WordPress and ActivityPub

    WordPress and ActivityPub

    I am very excited for everyone who uses Mastodon or any other ActivityPub technology, and for the many many users of WordPress. The fediverse just got a lot bigger!

  • Feeling anxious

    Feeling anxious

    This morning was feeling quite anxious, couldn’t really put my finger on it. Our boat is having engine trouble for which the solution isn’t clear yet. But we knew this since last week, so that wouldn’t explain the sudden feeling of dread taking over. We have quite a bit of work to do on the…

  • Untitled post 20033

    Reblog via Dimitri Dhuyvetter Duh! This is so evident that it is sad that it still needs to be pointed out: Cycling is ten times more important than electric cars for reaching net-zero cities https://theconversation.com/cycling-is-ten-times-more-important-than-electric-cars-for-reaching-net-zero-cities-157163 #cycling #bicycle #city

  • Hello Mastodon!

    Hello Mastodon!

    Posting on my own blog (dhuyvetter.eu) to Mastodon should now be working thanks to the WordPress ActivityPub plugin.

  • ActivityPub WordPress plugin

    ActivityPub WordPress plugin

    Trying out the ActivityPub WordPress plugin by Matthias Pfefferle which should post to Mastodon automatically using the ActivityPub protocol. Let’s see if it works! 🙂