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Feeling anxious

This morning was feeling quite anxious, couldn’t really put my finger on it. Our boat is having engine trouble for which the solution isn’t clear yet. But we knew this since last week, so that wouldn’t explain the sudden feeling of dread taking over. We have quite a bit of work to do on the rudder still, and it is progressing very slowly, but that also isn’t new.

There is the news about the violent flare up in conflict between Palestine and Israel. I had been reading the news online in the morning and scrolling trough my Mastodon feed the night before. And then there is the never ending bad news regarding climate change, police brutality, fascist creep, and (non manmade) natural disasters. It really feels like we are living trough end times.

One solution would be not to read the news and to stay of social media completely, but my reasoning is that the world out there doesn’t go away just because you ignore it and I’d rather be well informed about all that is going on.

So for now all I can think of is trying to open my hart for all those who are suffering. At this moment in time especially the people in the Gaza strip and in Israel faced with so much death and destruction. And just keep on doing what I am doing, which is living consciously and making decisions that make the world better or if that is impossible at least do the smallest amount of harm.





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