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    I am not going to rewrite this well written post, but since I am using and promoting the use of PGP I do need to draw you attention to EFAIL: https://efail.de/ The EFAIL attacks exploit vulnerabilities in the OpenPGP and S/MIME standards to reveal the plaintext of encrypted emails. From the same post: Here are […]

  • Keybase.io – Crypto for Everyone.

    I have been talking about online security and encryption and PGP to anyone who wants to (or doesn’t 😉 ) hear it for quite a while now. One of the main things stopping people from adapting it is ease of use (IMHO). Keybase.io has been trying to do something about that, their slogan is “Crypto […]

  • Using ProtonMail

    I’ve started using ProtonMail with the new e-mail address: dimitri.dhuyvetter@protonmail.com. For now I haven’t switched my existing e-mail address to Proton, but I might in the future. If you have ProtonMail, please use the new address if you are using ProtonMail. Or if you want to try it out, the basic account is free: ProtonMail […]

  • New approaches to PGP key servers

    I’ve been a long time fan of PGP encryption and played around with it. If you want to send me something encrypted, you can find my key here. As encryption is slowly moving from a geek/paranoid hobby into the mainstream, it is interesting to see how different people and organizations are trying to make PGP […]

  • Encrypting e-mails

    Using Thunderbird and Enigmail, it is not too hard to encrypt the mails you send (and decrypt those you receive). There is a quick-start guide at http://enigmail.mozdev.org/documentation/quickstart.php.html to help you get, well, started. So when sending me mails, please feel free to encrypt them using this key: You can also use this key to verify is a signed e-mail from me, really was signed by me.