– Crypto for Everyone.

I have been talking about online security and encryption and PGP to anyone who wants to (or doesn’t 😉 ) hear it for quite a while now. One of the main things stopping people from adapting it is ease of use (IMHO). has been trying to do something about that, their slogan is “Crypto for Everyone”, and I think they are succeeding. Instead of having to go to key signing parties to build a web of trust, they have made it possible to prove your identity on Twitter, Reddit, and other social platforms, and tie that with your PGP key. You can send PGP encrypted messages and files from their website and they now even offer PGP encrypted cloud storage and chat. If you want to give it a try, I’ve got plenty of invite codes (they are still in Beta), just give me a shout. If you are already on, get in touch with me there:






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