My pronouns are they/them, I’m okay with any pronoun (yes you can call me she, it, ze, ki, or whatever you like, I won’t be offended). I’m just letting you know what I would like to be addressed as. I understand this might be new, weird, confusing to some. Luckily there’s this great resource to help you figure this out. Here are some of their answers to questions you might have (be sure to check out the FAQ if you have any other questions):

Why should I respect some strange pronouns?

Because addressing people in the way they want to be addressed is the basis of social relations. You wouldn’t call Ashley “Samantha”, you wouldn’t drop “sir”/“madam” when addressing your supervisor, etc. And there’s people who don’t want to be called either “he” or “she”. If you don’t accept that, it only shows you in bad light.

“Strange pronouns” are just a matter of getting used to.

How do I use they/them in a sentence?

  • I think they are very nice.
  • I asked them if I can borrow their pencil.
  • They told me that the house is theirs.
  • They said they would rather do it themselves.






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