Dude, where’s my Android 2.2 update?

My Motorola Milestone is still stuck with Android 2.1, even though the US version, the Droid got the 2.2 update months ago and that update was promised for Milestone in Europe an equally long time ago.

The main improvements in 2.2 are installing apps to SD in stead of internal memory, something I desperately need, since I am getting the “Low on space” warning and there aren’t any apps I can or want to remove.

The feature that lets you use your Android as a wifi hotspot, sharing the mobile data, would be handy too. Now I can use a USB cable and tethering, but that just isn’t as handy.

So hopefully the Froyo update reaches my phone soon.

The Majority of Android Phones, Right Now, Are Running Android 2.2, “Froyo”


A bit over half of all Android devices are running Android 2.2, also known as “Froyo.” That’s based on Google’s reporting, itself based on devices that have accessed the Market (even if only for app update checks in the background) within the last two weeks. The second largest share is Android 2.1, “Eclair,” with just over 30 percent. Android 2.1 is technically an update to Android 2.0, which also falls under the “Eclair” name, but that’s a separate bit of confusion that’s in the past now.






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