Kay & Dimi sailing across the big blue

  • New podcast episode

    New podcast episode

    New episode of our podcast goes live each Friday on all podcast platforms, just search for “Tropical Dawn podcast” in your favourite podcast player (we’re on Podomatic, Amazon, Audible, Apple, Google, Spotify, and a bunch of others) or just listen to right here:

  • Moved all blogs to Cloudways

    I was getting tired of my WordPress blogs going down because the database stopping so I’ve moved all of them to Cloudways managed hosting. Hopefully that will sort things out.

  • Moved S/V Tropical Dawn post to their own blog

    I’ve moved all posts about our cruising adventures on board our fine small ship Tropical Dawn to its own blog: svtropicaldawn.blog. We (Kay and myself) will be posting all sailing, cruising and boat related posts on there from now on. https://svtropicaldawn.blog/

  • Chill day onboard

  • WP_ALLOW_REPAIR to the rescue

    WP_ALLOW_REPAIR to the rescue

    Just had a big little scare when the blog/website you are on showed the dreaded “Error establishing database connection” error message. I’ve had this show up quite a few times and every time it meant that MySQL had gone down (I’ll go into why I think that happened further down). Luckily I was on my […]

  • I’m going through changes…

    I’m going through changes…

    For the last 6 months or so I have been feeling off… I’ve had pain in my body, specifically in my joints and I’ve been feeling more melancholic than usual. Sometimes I’ll ask Dimi if he feels hot because, well… I do… sometimes when it doesn’t seem normal to be hot. I thought that maybe […]

  • (Mind) Lost at sea

    (Mind) Lost at sea

    On the 22 December 2022 we left Hout Bay, South Africa for our first Atlantic Crossing to Saint Helena Island and then to Brazil. For the first few days we had a good weather window – nature was being kind to us. We hardly ate as it didn’t seem to be a priority and we […]

  • Tropical Dawn podcast

    Tropical Dawn podcast

    We (Kay and Dimitri) have been thinking and talking about doing a podcast about our sailing adventures for a while now and we finally got round to recording an introduction and a first episode. It is out on Podomatic and as soon as we can get it sorted we’ll publish on other podcasting platforms as […]

  • African model recreates fashion ads to show lack of diversity in fashion

    African model recreates fashion ads to show lack of diversity in fashion

    African model recreates fashion ads to show lack of diversity in fashion The Black Mirror project should be a powerful eye-opener for the fashion world. Liberian model, Deddeh Howard just did something incredibly powerful to show us the utter lack of diversity in fashion ads.

  • Walvis Bay

    Walvis Bay

    We ended up in Walvis Bay, Namibia after our second attempt at reaching St Helena failed. Our backstay broke about two and a half days sailing from Luderitz towards St Helena, I’ll write another post about that. So we had to come here to fix the broken backstay as well as the kicker attachement to […]

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