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New podcast episode

New episode of our podcast goes live each Friday on all podcast platforms, just search for “Tropical Dawn podcast” in your favourite podcast player (we’re on Podomatic, Amazon, Audible, Apple, Google, Spotify, and a bunch of others) or just listen to right here:

Episode 31: Fixing our boat in exotic places Sailing Tropical Dawn

There's a saying among sailors that cruising is just fixing your boat in exotic places. We are still in Jacaré/Cabedelo Brazil and we might be for a while longer since we are getting our diesel engine and a few other things fixed. 
  1. Episode 31: Fixing our boat in exotic places
  2. Episode 30: Bonus episode: Catching up with S/V Trinity
  3. Episode 30: Our first weeks in the North East of Brazil
  4. Episode 29: First impressions of Cabedelo Brazil
  5. Episode 28: Reflections from our passage from St Helena to Cabedelo





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  1. Danielle Piessen Avatar
    Danielle Piessen

    Nice story to start a riant weekend in Belgium. 🤗 Danielle
    How can I find the podcast of Kat?

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