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  • Moved S/V Tropical Dawn post to their own blog

    Moved S/V Tropical Dawn post to their own blog

    I’ve moved all posts about our cruising adventures on board our fine small ship Tropical Dawn to its own blog: svtropicaldawn.blog. We (Kay and myself) will be posting all sailing, cruising and boat related posts on there from now on. https://svtropicaldawn.blog/

  • Chill day onboard

    Chill day onboard

  • New podcast episode

    New podcast episode

    New episode of our podcast goes live each Friday on all podcast platforms, just search for “Tropical Dawn podcast” in your favourite podcast player (we’re on Podomatic, Amazon, Audible, Apple, Google, Spotify, and a bunch of others) or just listen to right here:

  • (Mind) Lost at sea

    (Mind) Lost at sea

    On the 22 December 2022 we left Hout Bay, South Africa for our first Atlantic Crossing to Saint Helena Island and then to Brazil. For the first few days we had a good weather window – nature was being kind to us. We hardly ate as it didn’t seem to be a priority and we…

  • Tropical Dawn podcast

    Tropical Dawn podcast

    We (Kay and Dimitri) have been thinking and talking about doing a podcast about our sailing adventures for a while now and we finally got round to recording an introduction and a first episode. It is out on Podomatic and as soon as we can get it sorted we’ll publish on other podcasting platforms as…

  • Port Owen marina

    Port Owen marina

    On our little West coast cruise from Cape Town we first stopped at Port Owen. This lovely marina is in the town of Veldrift and you have to go up the Berg River for about a mile to reach it. The official recommendation is that it is accessible for boats with drought of up to…

  • Almost ready to set sail across the big blue

    Almost ready to set sail across the big blue

    Haven’t posted an update here in a while. Our boat S/V Tropical Dawn is almost ready and so are we (Kay and myself Dimitri). We will post updates on the Tropical Dawn socials: We also have a WhatsApp group where we plan to post updates whenever we can. Get in touch if you would like…

  • Boat life

    Boat life

    We (my wife Kay, our little dog Coco, and myself) have been living on board our 31 foot (9.4 meter) sailboat for two months now. We are currently still moored at Hout Bay Yacht Club (HBYC) in Hout Bay but are planning to set sail across the Atlantic Ocean inn September. The plan is to…