Sailing Vessel Tropical Dawn: sailboat on the water with marina and other sailboats in the background, woman standing on deck of sailboat.

Tropical Dawn podcast

We (Kay and Dimitri) have been thinking and talking about doing a podcast about our sailing adventures for a while now and we finally got round to recording an introduction and a first episode.

Episode 6: Choices Tropical Dawn Podcast

In this week’s episode of our Tropical Dawn Podcast we talk about choices. We have been thinking about the choice wether to continue our sailing journey across the South Atlantic towards Brazil and the Caribbean or to have a break from cruising and return to South Africa to see friends and family and to go to AfrikaBurn. We chatted about all this as well as our thoughts about Donald Crowhurst and his ill-fated participation in the 1968 Golden Globe race and how it all seems to come down to the choices you make as a sailer.The documentary is called “Deep Water” and is available on YouTube: Deep Water (2006) – The Golden Globe Race and Donald Crowhurst Documentary Link to the Golden Globe race currently underway: us know what you think of this episode and what choices you are making wether cruising rated or other: 
  1. Episode 6: Choices
  2. Episode 5: Calamities – Staying put
  3. Episode 4: Walvis Bay
  4. Episode 3: Andries/Eiitango Jetango (Lüderitz episode bonus)
  5. Episode 3: Lüderitz

It is out on Podomatic and as soon as we can get it sorted we’ll publish on other podcasting platforms as well. For now you can click below link to listen using the embedded player here, on Podomatic, or subscribe with the RSS feed:





2 responses to “Tropical Dawn podcast”

  1. Alison Gasparini Avatar
    Alison Gasparini

    I’ve just listened to this podcast and it was so lovely to hear stuff that I haven’t heard before. What an amazing adventure, guys. I don’t have any questions at the moment, as I’m still processing all the information, and will probably listen again,in case I missed something. Sending love.

  2. Alison Gasparini Avatar
    Alison Gasparini

    Ahem. Just listened to the first podcast, and the sound quality was a lot better than the first, so much so I could hear Coco panting. 😀 😀 😀

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