Kay & Dimi off on adventures yet unknown

  • Walvis Bay

    Walvis Bay

    We ended up in Walvis Bay, Namibia after our second attempt at reaching St Helena failed. Our backstay broke about two and a half days sailing from Luderitz towards St Helena, I’ll write another post about that. So we had to come here to fix the broken backstay as well as the kicker attachement to…

  • Hello Mastodon!

    Hello Mastodon!

    Posting on my own blog (dhuyvetter.eu) to Mastodon should now be working thanks to the WordPress ActivityPub plugin.

  • ActivityPub WordPress plugin

    ActivityPub WordPress plugin

    Trying out the ActivityPub WordPress plugin by Matthias Pfefferle which should post to Mastodon automatically using the ActivityPub protocol. Let’s see if it works! 🙂

  • How to change your Facebook new page experience page name

    How to change your Facebook new page experience page name

    I cannot believe how difficult it was to find this info because the Facebook help pages do not have this info for the “new page expereince”. Luckily I found this link which explains how to do this when your page is using Facebook new page experience (scroll down to the bottom and click on “I’m…

  • Port Owen marina

    Port Owen marina

    On our little West coast cruise from Cape Town we first stopped at Port Owen. This lovely marina is in the town of Veldrift and you have to go up the Berg River for about a mile to reach it. The official recommendation is that it is accessible for boats with drought of up to…

  • Almost ready to set sail across the big blue

    Almost ready to set sail across the big blue

    Haven’t posted an update here in a while. Our boat S/V Tropical Dawn is almost ready and so are we (Kay and myself Dimitri). We will post updates on the Tropical Dawn socials: We also have a WhatsApp group where we plan to post updates whenever we can. Get in touch if you would like…

  • Boat life

    Boat life

    We (my wife Kay, our little dog Coco, and myself) have been living on board our 31 foot (9.4 meter) sailboat for two months now. We are currently still moored at Hout Bay Yacht Club (HBYC) in Hout Bay but are planning to set sail across the Atlantic Ocean inn September. The plan is to…

  • Playing around with IPFS

    Playing around with IPFS

    IPFS is pretty cool, not just the name: InterPlanetary FileSystem. I’ve been running it on my laptop and have my current “captain” profile pic on it: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmdSed6ZEMGziKcBqxRzCznxNFqjcLSrot8E7qZWTyGs1H?filename=captain.jpeg

  • Setting up a lightning channel

    I’ve got a Lightning node running on Umbrel and am in the process of opening channels to other nodes. If you happen to have a node running and want to open an channel to me, here are my details: 0286ff2f5fe0280ed16a37d69e98817a623b5a3254e98e89099f4314bc99626ab5@d5htdhahd5d4nrkpeecgre6k63le4y3wkhywrdrf6mvboresgvql4ead.onion:9735 If you want me to open an channel to you just post a comment here…

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